The Laughing Sphinx

...hanging out on the road to Thebes...

28 August
I'm Erin, a thirty-year-old library drone who looks like a narc and often acts like an idiot girl. I have sense, but rarely use it, especially my fashion sense. I live with my sister, where we pay room and board at my parents' house because they're two of our best buds, plus their house is way better than the crappy apartment we used to live in. I tried the living alone thing while I was finishing my Master's. Fun at first, but then you start missing the mystery of living with someone else. Such as why is my shirt in the trash, who used my toothbrush, what is that thing on the floor and who's going to end up having to clean it up?

We also live with our two Kobold Kompanions, Maimer and Peebag, plus the parakeet Finley we inherited from my brother, sister-in-law and their daughter Petunia Button (even though they are--thankfully--still alive and well, living down the street). My name is the only real name I will use in my journal except Finley's, because he craves fame, and possibly my LJ friends musegryph, agathos_daimon, and biblio_girl since they mention their names in their journals. For an explanation of the name Laughing Sphinx, see my first journal entry.

The only other relevant things are that I can uselessly speak fluent French (that was my Master's) but never do because I live in Boise, Idaho, and that I'm a writer and my driving passion is to become an actual published author one day (sooner rather than later). I don't talk about it much because just about every library drone dreams of being a published author and they don't really want to hear about other library drones' unrequited dreams, but I think about it about as much as guys think about sex. Only not dirty.

Until recently, I was pretty much a hermit crab, but Muse, Daimon, Biblio, Piscis, Aryante, and a few other friends who aren't on LJ have wrestled me out of my shell and made me less crabby. Now I'm an addict of tabletop RPGs, geeky get-togethers and Cream Soda, to say nothing of the kangaroos.